Did Malaika Arora Recommended Deepika padukone for 'Om Shanti Om' ?

Actress Deepika Padukone turns 34 years old.  Born on 5 January 1986 in Copenhagen (Denmark), Deepika was a national level badminton player.  He made his Bollywood debut with the superhit film 'Om Shanti Om' released in 2007.  After this, she has appeared in more than 25 films as an actress.  But do you know that Malaika Arora recommended her for 'Om Shanti Om' at the behest of a designer?

Farah Khan asked for help from Malaika

Did Malaika Arora Recommended Deepika padukone for 'Om Shanti Om'
Farah Khan, the director of 'Om Shanti Om', was looking for a new face for his film.  He sought help from his friend Malaika Arora.  Farah asked Malaika to suggest him the name of a new model opposite Shahrukh.  When Malaika told her friend designer Wendell Rodrigues about this, she advised Deepika Padukone to cast in the film.  Deepika walked at Lakme Fashion Week for Wendell at the time.

Wendell Rodrigues said during an interview, "I showed the Lakme Fashion Week collection and it turned out to be a game changer for Deepika. Farah Khan had asked my friend Malaika for advice on the new face of Shahrukh."  The working title of the film was not 'Om Shanti Om'. I suggested the name of Deepika, who was only two years into modeling then. Malaika liked Deepika and she  We have remanded Farah Khan. "

The important role of luck and chance

Deepika Padukone believes that luck and opportunity played an important role in getting her 'Om Shanti Om'.  In an interview, he said, "I came to Mumbai. In my life, there was Anil Anand, who pushed me in this direction. Atul Kasvekar (photographer) was the first person who told my parents that I should come to Mumbai."

Deepika further said, "Farah was making 'Om Shanti Om' at that time and she needed a newcomer. She could cast any established actress in the film, but she chose Newcomer. She saw all my commercials and decided  Did that I am perfect for the role. She didn't even know me then. She saw me in commercials and took the risk of casting Shahrukh opposite. "

She was a national level badminton player

Before getting into modeling, Deepika was trying her hand at badminton like father Prakash Padukone.  He said in a conversation, "I have played badminton up to the national level. But later I realized that my heart is towards modeling. I had no intention of getting into films till that time. But after two years of modeling, I got into films.  When I started getting offers, I gave up my intention to go somewhere else. At that time I was 18 years old. "  Deepika did her first film 'Aishwarya' in Kannada.  However, if he believes, he was offered 'Om Shanti Om' earlier.
Did Malaika Arora Recommended Deepika padukone for 'Om Shanti Om'

Deepika's next film 'Chhapak' is releasing on January 10.  Directed by Meghna Gulzar, the film is inspired by the story of Delhi-based acid attack survivor Lakshmi Agarwal.

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