Trump said sulemani also carried out the attack in india

Iran's Major General and intelligence chief Qasim Sulemani killed in Baghdad by a US drone attack, aftrr that President Donald Trump said on Friday claimed that the Sulemani  involved in New Delhi and in London terror attack had conspired the revelations of India's concern for increased which Iran with the delicate relationship.

Although Trump hasn't it told how they killed the plot of the talking about but is believed to be that they February 2012 in Delhi and the Israeli Defense Attaché's wife on the car bomb attack were mentioning. In the attack, Tal Yehoshua koren injured had been for this attack by the Israelis on Iran was accused. Indeed, Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan of in Tehran was assassinated in behind the Israeli agency Mossad's hand is reported. Israel attack Iran the retaliation as was looking for tell note that on Thursday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp Commander of the sulemani and the Iran-backed organization Sia Popular Mobilization Force, deputy chief of Abu Mahdi al-Mundine Baghdad were killed in an air strike.

Death of sulemani even after the US had its operation not preventable are according to the report some drones by late Friday night in northern Baghdad in the Shiite rebellious organization, Popular Mobilization Force convoy was attacked in which 6 people killed in the news, although the US military spokesman in these attacks the hand be denied that, while Trump's Florida told reporters at the Agate of many innocent people, the killing has been responsible of agate Death from war is not the risk of US action war to prevent war, not to start the corresponding states in the Middle East 3500 soldier and preparing to send.

Crude oil prices have a possibility to increase 

After the killing of Iran commander Sulemani  global crude oil prices can have an effect on such as in India exercise restraint, the emphasis is on the. The Indian Foreign Ministry released a statement and said it is the stress of the World.

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