Why Android is Better than iPhone 2020

At the moment, the smartphone market is largely dominated by two operating platforms, the first Android and the iPhone's ios. When it comes to the comparison of both, which of the two Android and iOS platforms is better, both have strong and weak sides in their place.  Is  IOS gives you a robust and strong security and encryption, the same Google wins with better results of its Google assistance and customization, so if you are an Android user want to know which function is present in your phone that iPhone users only dream, then this information may be interesting for you.

Why Android is Better than iPhone 2020 : iPhone vs Android phone Comparison

Install apps of your choice

iphone users have been demanding to set Gmail as the default email application on iPhone for the past several years, although Apple has given the option to remove its apps from its ios but currently you cannot set any default application in it.  On Android device, you can set your default browser to firefox or opera browser instead of Google Chrome, if you want to send text message to Google  You can use messages apps which have been released recently, provide you with features like Apple's iMessages, you can also see in your android device which applications are given the default level for this.  In the settings option of your phone, you will have to click on Apps and notifications.  Now in the list that opens here, you can also click on the option of phone apps.  To change the default, select the app category as the phone app browser app and then select from the options.

Customize homescreen as you like

Grid layout is not present in Android home screen.  So that you can put apps wherever you want, both platforms allow you to create folders with your group apps. This approach of Android gives you the advantage that you can customize the homescreen by arranging icons as per your choice.The thing is also that Android supports widgets of different sizes, the same in Apple you get this within Today View.

Which is the best : iPhone vs Android phone Comparison

You can customize the phone with the help of launcher

Android's Launcher application helps you not only your homescreen but also completely change the way you interact with your drawer and phone's app icons.  In this category, launchers like Nova Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, Apex Launcher and Action Launcher add many new twists and features to your Android phone, whereas in Apple phones you get dedicated launchers from the company to use.  Apple also upgrades its iPhone app launcher from time to time, but it is not able to provide users with as many options as Android.

Google Assistant is better than Siri

Why Android is Better than iPhone 2020 : iPhone vs Android phone Comparison

IPhone users have Siri, while on Android you get Google Assistant. There are many reasons that make Google Assistant better than Siri, the biggest reason is that it uses Google's impressive database, that's why it games and business  Most of the time we get the general request right, this is not all, you get the response of the best quality from Google search, this feature near Siri  Not only that, the Google Assistant also strongly integrates other functions of your phone so that it can tell you when is the right time to leave for your next meeting and can also tell if there is more traffic or stuff if you have  If Google Home or Next Home are smart speakers or other compatible devices, you can control them from your phone with the help of assistant, iPhone users can also use the assistant.  Can use this app to Temal but it is not built-in and not o default Personal Assistant.

You can also send messages while watching videos

With the release of Android Oreo in the year 2017, Picture in Picture mode was introduced in Android phones. The purpose of this mode release was to make use of Google Maps, video calls and other supported applications with the use of an app in addition to video.  For example, while watching videos on YouTube, using Picture in Picture mode, you can search Google or email or text message.  You can also answer this not only when you want to watch your videos on full screen, just by clicking on the thumbnail, you can maximize it, although if talking about this feature, Iphone may be taking such a feature in future.

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