Shikara Movie trailer, Release Date, Cast, Story and Review

Shikara Trailer: By watching this trailer you will also become emotional
Bringing the film  Through this film, Vidhu Vinod Chopra will tell the truth of Kashmiri Pandits.  The trailer of the film Shikara has been released today.  

You will also get emotional after watching this trailer.

Bringing the film  Through this film, Vidhu Vinod Chopra will tell the truth of Kashmiri Pandits.  The trailer of the film Shikara has been released today.  You will also get emotional after watching this trailer.

Shikara Movie Cast

Directed & Produced by: Vidhu vinod chopra
Cast: Aadil khan as shiv kumar dhar
Sadia as shanti dhar

The Shikara trailer started trending shortly after its release.  The trailer starts with the story of a loving couple.  Seeing this scary and emotional trailer, you will also have tears in your eyes.  The trailer of the film is really scary and emotional.
when a lovers couple are getting in between the shero shayari suddenly makes noise from outside their house and people come out of their houses on the road.  The scene of the trailer shows that people's houses are set on fire and some people say that Kashmiri Pandits have to leave from here.  Some people are also seen shouting slogans in a scene, we need freedom.  The echo of these slogans frightens Kashmiri Pandits.

Let us know that before the trailer of the film, the makers of Shikara encouraged the audience with many posters of the film.  The film is being called one of the 2020 Most Awadate film.  The filmmakers recently released an official motion poster on YouTube that rocked the Internet.

Release Date: The film is set for release on February 7, 2020.

Shikara Movie Story & Review 

Love Letter from Kashmir is the story of the film of the year 1990.  When an entire community of Kashmir was rendered homeless.  30 years later, he still could not return home.  The story of Kashmiri Pandits has finally been put in front of everyone through this film.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra directed film Shikhara. I was extremely intrigued about the film and what it will focus on especially because of the fact that Chopra himself with his family has lived through the dire circumstances of what happened in the state since the 1980s. I just want to point out that I am objectively presenting my views about the film its technical aspects and then will focus on the reason for so much anger especially amongst the people, whose families have suffered plentiful due to the exodus that took place on January 1990. The film focuses on the romance that blossoms between Shiv Kumar Dhara and Shanthi in the Kashmir Valley, a doctor and a writer by hobby, who is working towards his PhD and Shanti earnest fall in love with each other instantaneously they get married at a time, where the social and political climate of the state becomes extremely hostile and this is when the militant insurgency and the exodus of Kashmiri minorities in the form of Hindus as well as six transitions into the premise.

How a section of society that was doing considerably well in the state had running businesses and held many government portfolios overnight had nothing in their name and fled the place that they called home. many of the instances from the film have been inspired from Rahul pundits book our moon has blood clots recalls several instances of trauma and violence to Kashmiri pundits at the time.
The sad reality of this movie is that what I just mentioned is the backdrop of this film and not its prime focus the movie lays emphasis on the love story between the two main characters and how they learn to love and live for each other in these horrible circumstances. here's me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether to go for it or not. 
The good cinematography, set design and costumes, the visuals of this film are breathtaking and it cannot be denied that this film accurately depicts every aspect that lives and breathes Kashmir from the small leans brick-and-mortar businesses across the streets. the design of the houses especially inside with wooden shelves and planks the buses that were functioning then and knowingly cross the border the clothes worn by the characters as well as every single junior artist in the frame the thick sweaters the pashmina shawls. every frame has been meticulously designed to do justice to the setting and the time in which the film is set the film powerfully depicts the transformation of the state as well on how a land where Hindus and Muslims lived in harmony. Shiv and Shanti not only other performances gut-wrenchingly a real and convincing but the chemistry they share in this film actually present a sense of warmth and natural longing for one another that is tough to find in films the entire movie rests its shoulders on them and the movie entirely focuses on their love story and how it perseveres through terrible times something that I did not expect would be the prime focus of the film irrespective with the written material both the actors have a great command on their lines and presented the best possible first impression to the select few that saw this film. it made me rather sad that we keep on complaining about how nepotism thrives in the industry and how real talent that exists outside the confines of film families and not given opportunities but when we see these new faces who are so abundantly talented featured in movies the masses are not even interested to consider it. the double standard is that us as Indian audiences stormed as a theater for student of the year toward Arak complain about it later and how much of a family business this industry but when a film like laila-majnu comes along which showcases beautiful performances. no one thinks about it it's a thought that should sink in that it's extremely ironic that we want to complain about what we already consume and what we tell the public that we strive for we don't put our money where our mouth is impact and realism even though the movie advertised something but presented something else I have to give credit to the director especially with the way he portrayed certain moments in the film I will of course get at the criticism later but it is undeniable that we do Vinod Chopra is extremely gifted especially providing impactful moments and real moments.

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