LensKart Success Story : Largest Platform for Lenses and Glasses

Largest platform for lenses and glasses

LensKart Success Story : Largest Platform for Lenses and Glasses
Peyush Bansal

Peyush Bansal, the founder and CEO of Lenskart, his father was a CA and like every father, he also wanted his children to study well and live a settled life. He himself focused on Peyush's studies, which is why Piyush was good in school.  After completing his engineering studies in Canada, he got a good placement in Microsoft and his job at Microsoft and they were also settled by their parents but began to feel bored after a while if they own the place
Started multiple portals simultaneously
Seeing the success of many online businesses in the country. he too decided to conduct several experiments simultaneously and started online platforms like lenskart.com jewellery.com watchcart.com bags.com All these platforms after a short time. he started paying more attention to lenskart.com. Lenskart is today the largest online e-commerce platform for sun glasses and other connected services from Lens and Glass.

Presence made online as well as offline

Today Lenskart's offline stores are available in all major cities of India and the annual turnover of the company is more than 100 crores. Peyush believes that if you are an entrepreneur then there will be a struggle in your life but you will be dependent on the extent of you  Want to move forward and how important it is for you to reach the top, Peyush advises young entrepreneurs that they should not consider themselves boss from the very first day of business.  Ude see the little big things here and add the right people.

Returned home to search for favorite work

Peyush started feeling bored with his work of giving more happiness to the already happy customer of Microsoft and he was keen to do something new and different, thus his decision to move back to India in the year 2007 made his parents very upset but  Piyush continued his work of choice. He first started the search portal mycampus.com. On this website, Accommodation Books for Students Carpool Services and Parks  Time was information about jobs at this site had been operating for 3 years.

Lenskart Net worth : $1.5 Billion 

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