10 Best Android Games 2020

Top 10 New and Best Android games of 2020

1. Gun Game : ( Best Android Games 2020 )

Best Android Games 2020

In this game you play solo and you ask to reach a kill target of eight to win it the novel part of this game is that for every kill the weapon in your hands automatically changes into a new one so the challenge is to reach the kill target faster than your opponents in addition weapon keep on changing with each new kill but after getting the upgraded sniper the next weapons to spawn a knife kill the next enemy with the knife and you get the first rank although gun game features decent graphic.

2. Urban Legend survival : ( Best Android Games 2020 )

Best Android Games 2020

This is an offline horror survival game developed individually by Ashima Shakya. it features a medieval era of Katmandu valley where you are bound to encounter various urban legends through a glitch in the matrix the gameplay is pretty simple flare have to survive remain undetected and trigger certain objectives to wake up's and continue your present normal life simulations for visual perspective the graphics of the game is high and controls are quite good in addition the weather and lighting effect makes the game more horror.

3. RBI Baseball 2020 : ( Best Android Games 2020 )

Best Android Games 2020

This is a sports game made by MLB advanced media and this is far more of a simulator than an arcade experience like Wii Sports not only are the rosters and teens real but the mechanics also strive to be realistic this game has two main control modes modern and classic.

4. Respawnables Heroes : ( Best Android Games 2020 )

Best Android Games 2020

This is a genre defining tactical hero action game with the best graphics on mobile devices and thrilling PvP multiplayer 4v4 matches there are only two teams on battleground one is attacker and one is defender and if you are an attacker then you have to capture the point to 100% or you are a defender then you have to stop the attacker team to capture your point although this game is much similar to game overwatch and if I talked about it graphics then it's really insane

5. Wolf Tales : ( Best Android Games 2020 )

Best Android Games 2020

This is an open-world simulator game where you will play a role of wolf whose main objective is to survive in the woods by hunting other animals and you can build a family and role play the game features realistic breeding sim gives Cubs stronger fighting attributes compared to their parents in addition you can explore a huge unbroken open world teeming with wildlife from a dense forest mountains to the freezing Arctic and you can also find in online multiplayer pvp areas tackle quests roleplay gather resources or raid enemy clans.

6. Buddy Jumper : ( Best Android Games 2020 )

It's an arcade style game which based on Mario game concept however this game looks so easy to complete but the game is hard buddy jumper features plenty of levels and two characters in addition player can use power-ups like magnets and shoot the enemies and also kill enemies by jumping on it they had enemies like how sly sheep Tiger many other enemies.

7. Flying Simulator Transportation : ( Best Android Games 2020 )

Best Android Games 2020

This is a flying car simulator game where you will play the role of taxi drivers and your jobs you pick a path from the different areas of the city and drop them on their desired location the game has variety of vehicles available which you can unlock by complete the mission honestly I like the concept of the game not how a normal car convert into a flying car and you can easily fly it over the city the graphics of the game is decent and controller quite accurate.

8. Project RIP Mobile : ( Best Android Games 2020 )

Best Android Games 2020

This is a single-player first-person shooter game published by storming Tech in this game demons have overrun the earth and pushed humanity underground you have to kill these demons and capture souls that can be used to upgrade everything from weapons to abilities and you also gain experience which levels up your account currently the game has three stages that while different all look pretty much the same each stage has five difficulty settings that make the enemies harder and more abundant but also give you more rewards overall the game looks and sounds good there are only a few stages but more can be added later.

9. Totally Reliable Delivery service : ( Best Android Games 2020 )

Best Android Games 2020

It's a wacky physics based open-world simulation about the worst delivery courier's ever it's a funny simulation in which you'll have to control the courier to deliver stuff to the customers however the physics in this game will obstruct you more than helping you your job is to bring the boxes from point A to point B but instead of just sticking and crawling there will be a lot of modern machines that help you with your task they include cars toys conveyors and many other things.

10. Naruto slugfest : ( Best Android Games 2020 )

This massive multiplayer open-world role-playing game is closer to a fully fledged desktop games like soul work than 2d strategies like bleach immortal soul and feature a range of elements that you would expect in a premium MMO experience the fully rendered 3d world allows players to immerse themselves in the world of the shinobi exploring many of the environments that fans of the anime series will recognize while busy touring the towns and villages of the game players can take part in a range of missions in addition the central story mission allow gamers to follow the Naruto Slugfest storylines and relive the adventure.

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