Zoom App Alternatives : Best video Calling App For Android and Windows PC 2020

Indian Government Banned 59 Apps Along With Zoom App. It goes without saying that video call is the need of the armed with so many of us working from homes on that we are looking for is the best video calling app and person-to-person video call experience but then what about group video calling. The Top Zoom Alternative video conferencing apps out there that you can use so well.


Best video Calling App For Android and Windows PC : Zoom app alternatives

It's a video conferencing app which is getting a lot of popularity with recent turn of events now I know that a lot of you guys might be thinking that zoom is paid and it is, but it offers a lot of free features so like basically if you want to do a video conference zoom works well the Video Call quality is the best. Only issue here is the 40-minute time limit and then reconnect or you can upgrade to a pro plan.
  • Indian Government  Banned  Zoom App For Privacy & Security Reasons.
  • India's MOHA alerts Zoom Users for Privacy concern It's Usage In this Pandemic Situation That Zoom App is Not Safe.

So These are 5 Zoom App Alternatives Apps, Best Video Calling Apps for Android and PC.

1. WhatsApp

Best video Calling App For Android and Windows PC : Zoom app alternatives

kicking things off is going to be the simplest app on the list which is whats App. we all have it installed and it is super easy to use. Alternatively if you are planning to call people from a group simply open the group chart and tap on the call icon now select the people who you want to initiate a group video call and then the call will be placed now. you can add individual people's to the video call. There is one thing that you need to remember that maximum four people can be included in a group video call. That's the limitation that you have on whatsapp also while whatsapp is the simplest method out there. It also uses the least amount of data which also means that overall video quality would not be the highest so yes, it is one of the easiest possible way to connect for video calls and most of the people will have it installed but you can only Call up to 4 people on a video call and the quality is not what you might want like the quality is not that good but then apart from that it is one of the easiest one to try out.

2. Google Duo :

Best video Calling App For Android and Windows PC : Zoom app alternatives

It might be pre-installed on your Android device now setting up the App is very easy to use. you just need to install it if it's not already installed open it up configure it with your Google username and your phone number and that's about it duo offers a much better video quality and it even allows you to eight custom groups for video calls making things a lot more convenient add to the fact that Google Duo currently supports a video conference of up to eight people which is great. if you're interacting with your family or friends now honestly duo is my preferred up in the list because it's so simple to use. it allows up to eight people to be included in a video conference and it is free without any time limitations so well it's one of the easiest app out there for you to use but I do understand that a lot of you might be looking for office space I mean you might be looking for a lot board than these simple video conferencing app right so well don't worry we have quite a few lined up for you.

3. Skype :

Best video Calling App For Android and Windows PC : Zoom app alternatives

It still continues to exist and works pretty good as well most of the issues that Skype had in terms of connectivity are now gone and if you would like to use Skype for talking to your team, the app works great. In fact my favorite feature here is the screen share that allows you to basically share your entire screen now this particular feature of screen sharing can come quite handy. let's say for example you want to share a PowerPoint presentation or you want to share a video that's playing on the screen you can do it using Skype now.

4. House-Party:

Best video Calling App For Android and Windows PC : Zoom app alternatives

It started as a fun app but has reached peak popularity simply cause of the way it works it works great for a group of friends. it alerts you when somebody's online you can simply drop in to an existing video call without the need for someone to actually invite you add to that the fact that there are games there that you can play in a group is like cherry on top so well if you are looking for an app using which you can have fun with the group of friends, you want to play some quiz trivia or a game then house party will definitely help you. you can go ahead and download them directly on your smartphones.

5. Google Meat :

Best video Calling App For Android and Windows PC : Zoom app alternatives
Google Meat is a feature of Google hangout which is one of the most popular video conferencing tool out there for your desktops setting up Google meeting is super easy and all you need to do is just head over to me google.com and start a meeting. inviting people is also simple and you can even share your screen using the present mode. the only thing to note here is that the host needs to have a G suit that is Google business account to create a meeting now anybody with a Google account can join the meeting but only a G suit user can actually initiate.

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