What is Aarogya Setu App , Download and How To Protect you against Covid-19

What is Aarogya Setu App :

Downloads : 10 Million+
Size : 2.9 mb
Rating : 4.5*
Indian Government recently launched Aarogya Setu app and this app will help you to protect yourself from the infected persons from coronavirus so it's a purposeful feature so how you can test sitting at your home as well regarding the symptoms of corona virus and how you can protect yourself from the infected persons from corona virus. I'll let you know about this thing that how it will help you to protect yourself. I'll let you know so hope you like this one. so let's get started first of all I'd like to tell you that is  application launched by government of india.  it's a beta version it is the full version of the application and it is available on Android or iOS Both operating system. 

What is Aarogya Setu App , Download and How To Protect you against Covid-19

How to Use Aarogya Setu App :

Follow these 5 steps:

1. Download/Install Aarogya Setu application. Click Here

2.Open the application and they have doing 11 languages so you 11 languages may all over India and according to your preferred language you can just click or one of the language and click on next.

3. It will show you the features of this application and how you can protect yourself from the corona virus infected person nearby.

4. Now you have to Register using the location just click on I agree and allow the access of your location all the time and you can just mention you can just enter your mobile number over here and submit.

5. It Will send you an OTP using this OTP you will be able to login to the application directly and here you can see according means based on my location they have written you are safe low risk of coronavirus infection.

Your data privacy will be 100% and Govt can't use this data for another use. This Data will delete Automatically after 3-Monts, but they have the data to fight against Covid-19. this shows how many persons are nearby location who are infected or quarantine for means from corona virus disease so someone is nearby which is infected with vividh -19 it will inform you that you are in high risk infected area  that is a very good thing they have given over here. You can call help Center. numbers are given based on the states you can just click means dial the numbers mention on this app. You can inform them virus infected person to just directly click on the numbers and dial to the health centers.

How can test yourself to Aarogya Setu App : 

  •  Fill your Gender.
  • Write your age. 
  • It will ask some symptoms.
  • It will ask your current disease, example:  any type of  lung disease and diabetes. 
  • It will ask your travel history.
  • It will directly show you the status of your health at this time so they have mentioned your infection risk is low or high. recommend that you stay at home to avoid any chances of exposure to the novel coronavirus. 

It's government of india initiative. you can access directly through this application that is a plus point. you can just enter your personal details as well if you want regarding your health status and if you don't want to do it you can just skip it that's it and learn more about coronavirus  safety measures against Corvid-19. full version and beta version you can definitely download this app.
you can just read all the tweets & latest tweets from ofgicial account of Ministry of health stay home stay safe mentioning in this app itself. there is a good thing so this was the application recently launched from the Government of India that is useful app to prevent yourself from covid-19. 
This was all about the recently launched AArogya Setu app by the Government of India and how it can prevent you and your family from the covid-19 from infected persons nearby a location and you can also give a health check-up.

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