Top 5 Best Antivirus Software For Mac, Windows 10 PC Comparison 2020

Are you looking for the best antivirus software for your PC, Mac or Android/ios Mobile device. you have come to the right place. We have done hours of research and examined all the latest independent lab tests out there to help you pick the best antivirus product to protect yourself.

Top 5 Best Antivirus Software For Mac, Windows 10 PC And Android, Comparison and Price
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Here's Top 5 Best Brands In The Cyber Security Space And What Makes Them Worthwhile Also. We Have Put A Huge Effort Into Creating This Post So You Can Easily And Confidently Choose The Best Antivirus Product Without Wasting Your Time. 

Each Antivirus Using 5 Different Criteria : 

1. Features : You Learn About The Features And Utilities Offered By Each Brand.

2. Malware Protection : Which Is An Assessment Of How Well These Brands Protect You Against Different Types Of Malware Threats.

3. System Performance : Which Measures How Each Software Impacts Your Computer's Speed Or System Performance. 

4. Pricing : Here We'll See How Each Brand Prices Its Products And How Many Devices Are Covered Under Different Pricing Plans.

5. User Interface : About The User Friendliness Of Each Company's Software Interface.

We'll Use The Latest Evaluations From The AV Test Institute To Measure The Protection And Performance Levels Of Different Antivirus Brands For Those Of You. Who Don't Know AV Test Is An Independent And Trusted Testing Organization In The Cyber Security Landscape The Company Evaluates And Ranks Antivirus Products From 3 Different Aspects Including Protection, Performance And Usability.

Can You Guess How Frequently Malware Attacks Take Place Every 39 Seconds According To Recent Estimates. Cyber Crime Costs Are Predicted To Touch 6 Trillion Annually By 2021. How Big The Figure Of 6 Trillion Dollars Is Can Be Gauged From The Fact That Is Equal To A Third Of The U.S. GDP And Doubled The Combined Market Value Of Apple, Microsoft And Amazon. Which Are The World's Top Three Companies By Market Capitalization. Cyber Attacks Are Increasing In Every Aspect Be It Cost Sophistic Occasion Or Size. The Stats Paint A Scary Picture Of What's Happening And What's Coming Next The Harsh Reality Is That We Cannot Avoid These Digital Threats On Our Own. An Excellent Antivirus Product Is A Must For Complete Protection And Peace Of Mind And By Excellent. We Mean A Reliable Premium Product That Offers All The Necessary Features And Advanced Tools. 

You Can Find Several Antivirus Programs For Free But They Offer Limited Features And Little Value On The Other Hand. A Premium Antivirus Product Comes With Features Like Parental Controls, VPN, Ransomware Protection, Password Management And Many More. 
Let's Get To Our List Of The Best Antivirus Software Out There : 

1. BullGuard : 

BullGuard Opened Its Offices In 2001. It's An Award Winning Cyber Security Company, Focused On Providing Consumers And Small Businesses With Innovative Cyber Security Solutions And The Opportunity To Operate In A Safe Digital Environment. 

The Company Offers 3 Different Products:

(A). BullGuard Antivirus Software : 

This Is An Entry-level Product, A Windows Only Program, Which Provides Complete Protection Against Malware Threats, Safe Browser, Game Booster And Behavioral Engine.

(B). BullGuard Internet Security : 

This Package Offers Protection For Mac And Android Devices As Well It Includes All The Features From The Antivirus, Advanced Firewall, Parental Controls Etc.

(C). BullGuard Premium :

This Is The Highest Tier Of Protection Offered By The Company. This Product Includes Everything From The Previous Package Plus Identity Protection And A Smart Network Scanner.

In Terms Of Anti-malware Protection BullGuard Got 6/6 Points In The Protection Category On The Recent AV Test Evaluations. It Successfully Detected 99.99% Of All Widespread And Zero Day Malware Samples. It Was Tested Against Which Is Incredible In The Performance Category, However Bullguard Was Just Shy Of The Perfect Score When Tested For The Impact On System Speed With 5.5/6 Points. 

Price : 

BullGuard Antivirus Cost $29.95/year For One PC.
The Internet Security Suite Costs $59.95/Year For 3 Devices Including PC, Macs And Android Devices.
Premium Protection Cost You $99.95/Year For 10 Devices And $139.99 For 15 Devices.

2. Norton :

Norton Developed And Distributed By Symantec Corporation. Norton Is A Leading Organization In Cyber Safety Since 1991. Currently Norton Is One Of The Most Valuable Security Companies In The World. Protecting Millions Of Consumers All Around The World.

The Company Offers 4 Different Tiers Of Coverage :

(A). Norton AntiVirus Plus:

It Provides Complete Protection Against All Kinds Of Malware And Cyber Threats Including Ransomware And Spyware. The Package Doesn't Offer Much Value.

(B). Norton 360 Standard Suite :

It Offers Everything From The Previous Package Plus Some Extra Features Like Dark Web Monitoring, Real-time Threat Protection And A Secure VPN.

(C). Norton 360 Deluxe :

This Product Contains All The Features From The Previous Packages Plus A Password Manager, Full-blown Parental Controls And 50 GB Of Cloud Storage.

(D). Norton 360 Deluxe With Life Lock Select : 

It Comes With Everything From The Previous Suites You Also Get Life Lock Identity Alert System, Credit Monitoring System, Million Dollar Protection Package And 100 GB Of Cloud Storage.

For Malware Protection Norton Received A Perfect 6/6 Score From AV Test Indicating Exceptional Anti-malware Capabilities. In Terms Of System Performance Norton Again Received The Highest 6/6rating.


Norton AntiVirus Plus Cost $19.99/Year For One PC.
Norton 360 Standard Suite Cost $39.99/Year For One Device. It Can Be A PC, Mac Or Smartphone.
Norton 360 Deluxe Package Comes At $49.99/Year For 5 Devices.
Norton 360 Deluxe With Life Lock Select Cost You $99.99/Year Also For 5 Devices.

3. Kaspersky :

Kaspersky Is A Global Cyber Security Company Currently Protecting Businesses, Critical Infrastructure, Governments And Over 400 Million Users Around The Globe. This Brand Is Known For Continually Contributing To The Cyber Security Landscape With Its Deep Threat Intelligence And Innovative Products Unlike BullGuard And Norton This Company Offers A Free Software Package Called Kaspersky Free. This Tool Only Provides A Basic Level Of Protection Against Some Malware Types, But Doesn't Offer Much In Terms Of Advanced Features. 

Kaspersky Offers 3 Different Products:

(A). Kaspersky Antivirus :

The First Paid Product From This Company. This Package Offers Comprehensive Protection Against All Kinds Of Malware Attacks, Firewall, Multi-layer Ransomware Protection, Gamer Mode And A Vulnerability Scanner.

(B). Kaspersky Internet Security Suite :

It Offers Everything From The Antivirus Suite As Well As A Secure VPN, Wi-Fi Network Protector And A Hardened Browser.

(C). Kaspersky Total Security :

The Flagship Offering From The Company Includes All The Features From The Previous Products Plus Password Manager, Parental Control Suite And A File Shredder.

(D). Kaspersky Security Cloud :

It Is The Final Product From This Company. It Offers The Same Features As The Total Security Suites Plus Adaptive Technology, That Manages The Software As Per The User's Online Behavior. It Also Includes Remote Management For All Connected Devices. This Suite Comes In Personal As Well As A Family Version Like Some Of The Other Top Notch Antivirus Brands On The List.

Kaspersky Got Full 6/6 Points In The Recent Protection And Performance Tests By AV Test.

Price :

Kaspersky Antivirus Cost $29.99/Year For 3 PC Licenses.
Internet Security Cost $39.99/Year For 3 Licenses.
The Total Security Suite Cost You $49.99/Year For 3 Universal Licenses.
Kaspersky Security Cloud Personal Comes At $49.99/Year. Whereas Its Family Version Comes At $149.99/Year For 20 Universal Licenses.

4. McAfee:

Top 5 Best Antivirus Software For Mac, Windows 10 PC And Android, Comparison and Price
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McAfee Is A World-renowned Cyber Security Company Protecting Over 500 Million Customers Worldwide With Cloud. This Company Creates Ingenious Enterprise And Consumer Security Solutions. Its Products Are Based On A Holistic Automated And Open Security Platform Capable Of Sharing Threat Intelligence Over Digital Networks Like A Few Other Brands.
This Company Offers A Single Product For Home Users :

McAfee Total Protection :

It Provides Comprehensive Malware Protection Including Ransomware Protection, Advanced Identity Protection, Two-way Firewall File Encryption, Utility Network Monitoring Features, Password Manager And A Comprehensive Parental Control Module As Expected. The Company Got Full 6/6 Scores In The Recent Evaluations By AV-test Due To Its Solid Malware Detection Capabilities And Minimal Impact On System Performance.

Price : 

McAfee Total Protection Cost $34.99/Year For Single License. However The More Devices You Add To The Package. You Have To Pay For Each Additional License For Instance. You Can Get 5 Licenses For Just $39.99/Year, Similarly You Get 10 Licenses For Just $44.99/Year. 

5. BitDefender :

BitDefender Is A Global Cybersecurity Leader That Has Consistently Contributed Award-winning Security Products And Threat Intelligence To The Cyber Landscape Trusted By Over 500 Million Users In More Than 150 Countries. BitDefender Provides Innovative And Top-of-the-line Security Solutions For Both Individuals Small Businesses And Enterprise Clients.

(A). BitDefender Free Edition :

It Is The First Product From This Company Is A Free Software Package For PC Only Software That Offers Basic Level Protection Against Malware Threats. You'll Not Get Any Advanced Features With This Product.

(B). BitDefender Antivirus Plus :

It's The First Paid Offering By This Company. This Package Offers Top-of-the-line Protection Against All Kinds Of Malware And Digital Threats, Advanced Firewall, Limited Use VPN And Password Manager.

(C). BitDefender Internet Security :

It's The Third Product From The Company. It Offers Everything From The Previous Suites Plus File Encryption, Parental Controls As Well As Vulnerability Checker.

(D). BitDefender Total Security :

It's The Flagship Product From The Company. This Suite Offers The Most Comprehensive Security For Your Devices. It Includes Everything From The Internet Security Suites As Well As A Wi-Fi Security Adviser, An Anti-theft Function And System Optimizer. This Suite Offers The Most Value For Your Money Given All Its Features And Utilities, But If You Want To Protect All Your Home Devices, The Family Pack Suite Is The Best Option For You To Protects Up To 15 Of Your Devices And Incorporates, Advanced Parental Controls To Supervise Limits And Manage Your Kids Internet Usage. 

(E). BitDefender Antivirus For Mac :

This Product Provides Several Top Drawer Features Including Complete Malware Protection Against All Mac Related Cyber Threats, Secure Online Shopping And Banking Transactions, Secure VPN As Well As System Optimizer.

When Tested For Anti-malware Capabilities BitDefender Successfully Detected And Blocked All Malware Threats In The Recent Av-test Assessments Receiving A Perfect 6/6 Rating, As For Impact On System Performance Once Again BitDefender Bagged The Perfect Score Demonstrating Exceptional Performance With Minimal System Performance Impact.

Price :

BitDefender Antivirus Plus Cost $29.99 For The First Year For Up To 3 Windows Devices.
Internet Security Comes At $34.99 For 3 Windows Devices.
Total Security Cost $39.99 For 5 Windows, Macs And Mobile Devices.
The Family Pack Costs $54.99 For 15 Devices.
BitDefender Anti-virus For Mac $19.99 For One Device And $29.99 For 3 Devices.

You Know Why BitDefender Is Our Top Recommendation It Provides The Most Reliable Protection Through Its Top-of-the-line Features, Cutting-edge Malware Protection, Minimal Impact On Your Device's Speed, Excellent Value For Your Money As Well As An Intuitive Interface That Is A Breeze To Use. We've Evaluated And Reviewed Over 50 Antivirus Suites From The Top Ranking Brands In The Cybersecurity Industry, So You Can Confidently Choose The Best Antivirus Product To Protect Yourself And Your Family. We Think That BitDefender Is The Best Antivirus Software Out There Because Of Its Excellent Performance In All Independent Assessments, We've Examined In Particular The Ones Carried Out By The AV Test Institute And Av-comparatives.

We Highly Recommend BitDefender Total Security Package As It Incorporates The Best Protection And Most Advanced Features For All Your Devices, But If You Want To Cover All Your Family's Devices You Should Go For The Family Pack That Protects Up To 15 Devices. If You're Just Looking For Mac Specific Solution You Can Get Bitdefender's Antivirus For Mac For Complete Peace Of Mind. We Hope This Post Will Help You In Finding The Best Antivirus Product For Your Digital Protection.

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